Terms & Conditions

Updated September 2023

Terms & Conditions – Fritton Lake Accommodation

Security Deposit – On arrival a £1 authentication security pre-authorisation will be charged to your credit card (‘the security deposit’). In the event that there is any damage to your accommodation during your stay or if any equipment is lost or damaged, we reserve the right to charge this card up to £500 fee in respect of such damage and/or missing items. We will inform you of any charges made under this policy.
We have provided all our cleaning and maintenance teams with information on additional and enhanced cleaning measures to provide a safer environment for guests and have given guidance on the importance of social distancing during check-in and throughout a guests stay.

Club Towels – Towels for use at the pool are provided in your accommodation. Please note only these towels can be used around pool areas. Any other towels used around the pool may be removed by our team.

Dogs – Dogs are only allowed in accommodation which has been booked to specifically include the pets. Dogs must always be on a lead or at close heal, must not be left unattended, and are only allowed in the permitted areas on the map. Please note Dogs are not allowed in the Club areas. We reserve the right to require anyone who brings a dog which is considered a nuisance, or is affecting the comfort of other guests, to remove it from the Resort.

Refuse – We care strongly about the environment so we have designated areas around the resort to dispose of your general, recycling and dog waste – see our resort map provided on check-in for details. We politely ask all guests to take their rubbish from their cabin before leaving and recycle appropriately. We reserve the right to charge a fee for those failing to do so.

Departure – We request all accommodation to be departed by 10 am and left clean and tidy on your departure. In the event your accommodation is not left in a clean and tidy condition, we reserve the right to charge an additional late departure and cleaning charge. If the cost of repair, replacement or additional cleaning is greater than any security deposit taken, you will be required to pay the excess. We will inform you of any charges made under this policy.

Health and safety around the estate
Please be aware that the sites across the Somerleyton Estate including Fritton Lake, Fritton Lake Retreats and The Fritton Arms, contain natural features such as uneven surfaces, rabbit holes, branches, twigs, shallow and deep open water. We would always encourage visitors to wear suitable footwear and please keep children supervised especially near to roads and water. Please note lighting is not provided in all areas and we would advise bringing a torch when visiting in the evening.

Extra Information

  • The maximum number of persons is always clearly shown in the description. Due to fire regulations any unauthorised or undeclared visitors are prohibited to stay in your accommodation.
  • We define a ‘group’ as a non-family party of three or more. The holiday accommodation we provide is with families and couples in mind – and there may be restrictions on group bookings, including stag and hen parties and those with party members under the age of 18.
  • If you want to make a booking with all of the family together or with a large group of friends, please call our booking team on 01493 484008. They will be able to help you to book properties which sleep large numbers and/or adjacent or adjoining accommodation at the same location.
  • We keep prices under constant review and the prices of unsold products and services may be increased or reduced at any time. We may also correct mistakes in the pricing of unsold products and services at any time. We will confirm the price of your booking when you make it.
  • As changes and mistakes can happen, you must check all details at the time of booking as set out in the booking confirmation email.
  • All amendments are subject to a £15 amendment fee plus charges applicable for the rate change from the previous booking.
  • All prices quoted or otherwise given to you include all charges and any taxes or government charges which may apply to your booking at the time it is made.
  • Your accommodation will be cleaned before your arrival. As a limited amount of time is available to clean between visitors, please help us to maintain our standards by leaving your accommodation and its contents in a clean and tidy condition. Cleaning is not provided during your stay.
  • Bed linen and towels are included in the hire charge, unless stated and beds will be made up where stated.
  • Every accommodation we feature should contain the following standard equipment, although the styles and size will vary. Each accommodation should be fully equipped and furnished to include fully furnished living accommodation with suite or sofa bed, colour TV, bathroom or shower room, fully equipped kitchen with fridge, cooker and ample pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.
  • We can also provide cots and highchairs at an additional charge. Please contact us on 01493 484008 to arrange this.
  • If we can accommodate any special needs or requirements you may have, such as lake views or a specific location, please contact our booking team on 01493 484008. Kindly note that special requests are not guaranteed.
  • Our Park Rules are displayed in our Reception area and should always be followed whilst on the site.
  • We reserve the right to alter / withdraw amenities, facilities or any activities without prior notice where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions and circumstances beyond our control.
  • The opening and closing dates of facilities are shown on our website. Opening times may be limited outside the main holiday season.

If you encounter any problems during your stay, you should contact 01493 484008 so that remedial action, where possible, can be taken.

Booking Conditions


1.1. The following terms used in the Terms and Conditions shall be understood according to the definitions below:

1.1.1. Hotel – entity for which the Provider acts (under a separate agreement) as the performance of Services supplied electronically, including the Service described below;

1.1.2. Client – refers to every natural person over 18 years of age which has full capacity to perform acts in law, legal person or organisational unit not possessed of legal personality to whom the act has granted legal capacity and which meets the requirements defined in Terms and Conditions, and uses the Service, in particular, makes or cancels booking in the System;

1.1.3. Terms and Conditions – refers to the present Terms and Conditions, created and used by the Provider;

1.1.4. Agreement – refers to agreement of provision of room bookings, concluded in electronic form, the subject of which is to provide the Service indicated in the Terms and Conditions;

1.1.5. Service – refers to room booking service in a Hotel, provided in electronic form by the Provider for the Client, including making, changing or cancelling a booking of a selected room/rooms in the Hotel and enabling payment for the booking. A detailed description of the Service is included in Paragraph 3 of the Terms and Conditions;

1.1.6. Provider – refers to Fritton Lake Limited

1.1.7. Service provided in electronic form – provision of a service performed without the simultaneous presence of the parties (remotely), through the transmission of data upon the individual request of the recipient, transmitted and received by means of electronic processing devices, including digital compression and data storage, which is entirely broadcast, received or transmitted via telecommunications network within the meaning of the Act on Telecommunications Law from 16 July 2007 (Journal of Laws 2017.1907 from October 12, 2017, as amended)

1.1.8. ICT System – a group of compatible IT devices and software which ensure processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunications networks with the use of a terminal device appropriate for a particular type of telecommunications network, within the meaning of the Act on Telecommunications Law from 16 July 2007 (Journal of Laws 2017.1907 from October 12, 2017, as amended);

1.1.9. System – RMS CLOUD operated by the Provider, enabling the Client to make payments for the booking; a type of ITC system;

1.1.10. Means of electronic communication – technical solutions, including tele information devices and the compatible software tools, enabling individual remote communication with the use of data transmission between ICT systems, in particular, electronic mail or text messages (SMS).


2.1. To use the Service, it is necessary to have an individual email address and complete the booking form provided in the Provider’s System.

2.2. The booking includes the following steps:

2.2.1. selection of hotel services provided by the Hotel, based on the data and information provided in the System, in particular, room availability and the booking price; the prices provided in the System are gross prices and include only the services indicated as its components;

2.2.2. submission of the required data and information by the Client using the booking form – in particular, the name and surname, unique email address, and telephone number – in the System available on the Hotel website;

2.2.3. confirmation by the Client that he has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, as well as the submission the required declarations. The Client’s failure to confirm and accept the content of the Terms and Conditions as well as the failure to submit the required declarations prevents the continuation of the booking procedure;

2.2.4. making a payment, if required by the Hotel’s price conditions, under the terms and conditions;

2.2.5. after entering the booking data and confirming the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, the Client will receive an automated message containing the code and the booking confirmation along with the payment terms and conditions, as well as the rules of changing or cancelling the booking, to the email address provided in the course of the booking. The booking agreement shall be deemed concluded upon the sending of the confirmation.

2.3. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to make a booking in the absence of available rooms in the Hotel. In such a case, the customer will receive an automated message, to the email address provided during the booking, about the inability to make a booking.

2.4. Booking cancellation by the Client includes the following steps:

2.4.1. Contacting the provider and discussing options set out in the cancellation policy terms.
A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to confirm your booking. The balance will be due 28 days prior to your arrival date. If booking within 28-days prior to your arrival date, a full non-refundable deposit of the total holiday cost will be due.

If a cancellation is made 29 days or more prior to your arrival date, the non-refundable deposit will be retained. Any additional monies received will be refunded.

If cancellation is made within 28-days of your arrival date the full cost of your stay is retained
We recommend that guests take out insurance to cover last-minute cancellations.

Days prior to holiday | Cancellation charge
0-28 Days | Full loss of total accommodation cost*
29+ Days or more | £50 deposit retained with £15 administration fee.

*In unforeseen circumstances where medical or relevant evidence is provided (including covid related cancellations) we may be able to offer a transfer of holiday dates. Which must be booked and taken in the following 18 months. Evidence deemed acceptable upon discretion of circumstance.

Payment of the holiday rate is due 4-weeks prior to your holiday. If your booking occurs within the 4-week period prior to arrival, the non-refundable full payment will be due on booking. If payment is not received by this date the booking will be cancelled.

Transferring holiday dates – If you can no longer make your holiday dates, we are able to transfer within the below time frame.

Days prior to holiday | Transfer of dates
0-28 Days | Not applicable.
29+ Days or more | Transfer of dates possible

2.5. Booking cancellation or changes by the Hotel/Owner includes the following steps:

2.5.1. Cancellation due to non payment:
If full payment hasn’t been received by day 28, the booking will be cancelled and the standard non-refundable deposit will be retained. If you wish to re-instate your booking, there will be an administration fee of £15. The holiday cost will be charged at the same cost as the previous booking or higher, depending on what is greater. Booking subject to availability.

2.5.2. Cancellation or changes by the Hotel/Owner:
The owners do not expect to have to make any changes to your booking. However, sometimes problems happen and bookings have to be changed or cancelled or other details corrected. The owner has the right to do this. If they do, we, on their behalf, will contact you (by phone if reasonably possible in the case of a significant change or cancellation – we will let you know about minor changes by email) as soon as is reasonably practical. We will explain what has happened and let you know about the cancellation or change. As agent, we regret we cannot pay compensation or any reimbursement of any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any such cancellation or change.

2.5.3 Cancellation due to force majeure
In the circumstance of force majeure. Neither we nor the accommodation Owner can accept responsibility or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of the contract is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we or the owners could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the destruction or damage of your accommodation (which cannot reasonably be remedied to a satisfactory standard before the start of your holiday) through fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and all similar situations beyond the owner’s control.


3.1. In connection with the provision of the Service defined in the Terms and Conditions, the Provider is obliged to:

3.1.1. comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions;

3.1.2. provide the Service with due diligence.

3.2. In the event of unplanned lack of access to the Service or as a result of a failure preventing its implementation, the Provider shall be obliged to take actions aiming at the restoration of the System operation with due diligence. However, the Provider is not liable for the Client’s inability to use the Service and any Client’s damage caused by the lack of access to the System, failure of the telecommunications connection, except when such a case is the Provider’s intentional fault.

3.3. The Provider reserves the right to block the email address of the Client who has violated the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the law.

3.4. The Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted provision of the Service. In particular, the Provider shall not be liable for a break in the provision of the Service caused by technical, maintenance reasons in reference to the System, as well as those on the part of the Client or a third party.


4.1. In connection with the use of the Service, the Client is obliged to:

4.1.1. comply with all provisions of the Terms and Conditions;

4.1.2. comply with all the legal provisions, good practices, and generally applicable rules of the use of the Internet;

4.1.3. correctly provide Client’s data including, in particular, the data required during the booking;

4.1.4. immediately inform the Provider of any security breach and problems related to the functioning or the use of the Service;

4.1.5. refrain from performing any activities threatening the security of the System of computer systems of third parties;

4.1.6. not to use the System directly or indirectly to perform any activities which are against the law, good practices of the use of the Internet, or that violate the rights of third parties.


5.1. The Provider is not liable for any interruptions in the provision of the Service resulting from the failure or malfunction of the IT systems which are beyond the Provider’s influence.

5.2. The Provider is not liable for the inability to use the Service resulting from errors while making, changing or canceling the booking by the Client.

5.3. The Client is solely and strictly liable for all the consequences and damages incurred on the part of the Client, the Provider or any other parties, related or resulting from the following events:

5.3.1. breach of any provisions of the Terms and Conditions by the Client;

5.3.2. improper use of the System by the Client, in particular, use the System which is contrary to its intended use or instructions presented in the Terms and Conditions;

5.3.3. lack of security of the Client’s IT systems.

5.4. The Provider does not control, inspect, and is not liable for the damage caused to the Client or a third party as a result of or in connection with the Client’s use of the Service, in particular, the Provider is not liable for damages arising from or related to:

5.4.1. damages, breaks in the operation of the Service or any software used by the Client;

5.4.2. introduction of any malicious software (e.g. viruses) to the Client’s IT system or data, including those related to the destruction or damage of the Client’s hardware or software;

5.5. The Provider shall not be liable for damages caused to the Client due to defects (failures) of the System, lack of action or improper operation, failures, including the inability to use or malfunction of the Service caused by the lack of action or malfunction (e.g. defect, malfunction) of the System or any of its elements.

5.6. Neither Party shall be liable for damage caused by force majeure.

5.7. The Provider’s liability excludes damage in the form of the lost customer benefits.

5.8. The exclusion or limitation of liability of the Provider referred to in the Terms and Conditions do not apply in cases where it is not possible to exclude or limit liability due to the content of the mandatory legal provisions, in particular, they do not apply to damage caused intentionally to the Client.


7.1. Complaints related to the provision of the Service shall be made by mail to the Provider’s address or electronically to clubsecretary@frittonlake.co.uk

7.2. The complaint shall contain the following details of the Client: name, surname, Client’s address, the email address provided in the booking, and a description of the problem which arises in connection with the use of the Service.

7.3. Complaints will be processed on a first-come basis with the Provider, as described above

7.4. The Provider shall handle the complaint within 14 business days of the day of receipt. Immediately after handling the complaint, the Provider shall issue a response regarding the complaint. The reply shall be sent in the same form in which the complaint has been made, to the Client’s email address or the Client’s mail address provided in the complaint.

7.5. In case the information provided in the complaint shall require supplementation, the Provider, before handling the complaint, shall ask the Client to supplement it within the period indicated to handle the complaint. In such a case, the period referred to in point 7.4 above shall run from the moment of receipt of the completed complaint by the Provider.


For information regarding personal data, please see our privacy policy.

Fritton Lake Activities Booking Policy

  • All activities are to be booked 48-hours in advance.
  • Where minimum numbers are not met on studio classes, these classes will be cancelled, and a transfer of date or refund will be provided.
  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to have use on the lake.
  • A lake swimming proficiency test must be booked to swim outside of our group sessions.
  • A paddle board lesson is required for anyone 13+ with no experience, this also includes a lake proficiency test.
  • A paddle board proficiency test must be booked for intermediate and advance users for prior use of our equipment.
  • You are not permitted to use your own equipment on the lake.
  • If any activity has been booked and not attended three times, there will be a temporary restriction on your account for 30 days.
  • Please bring your QR code with you to check-in.

Fritton Lake Cancellation Policy

  • 0-24 Hours | Full loss of total activity cost.
  • 24+ Hours | Full refund available.

In unforeseen circumstances where medical or relevant evidence is provided (including covid related cancellations) we may be able to offer a transfer of activity date. Must be booked and taken in the following 4 weeks. Evidence deemed acceptable upon discretion of circumstance.