Koto x Fritton Lake

Koto designs cabins, modular houses and sculptural small buildings, each taking inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design, culture, aesthetic and environment. The architect's work recognises the dynamic relationship between nature, quality design and one of life’s greatest luxuries - spending time with friends and family. Koto emphasises clean and simple details that provide a sense of calm.

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Koto x Abodu Cabin

Choose from two Scandinavian-inspired designs

The beautifully energy neutral buildings can be crafted with your lifestyle in mind. 

The ideal getaway, owners of the new retreats at Fritton Lake can choose from two designs inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, 'Miru' (Japanese for 'view') and 'Ki' (Japanese for 'tree') and work with the team at Koto to create a curated interior package bespoke to their needs.

“We build with the principle that beautiful buildings can correspond with our natural environment. Fritton Lake is ideal, not only for its two mile lake in a woodland setting but its pioneering 1000 acre eco-restoration project which by allowing its land to self-manage, is working towards a positive life-changing impact on our environment. ” says, Johnathon Little, Koto.

Built offsite, Koto cabins are cost-effective, low-energy and allow for exceptional levels of insulation, airtightness and sustainability.

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